Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen

VR Rehabilitation: What, when and how.

Dr. Bruun-Pedersen is part of the Multisensory Experience Lab at Aalborg University Copenhagen. He has worked in the field of VR and AR since 2008. During (and since) his PhD, the research focus has been on VR rehabilitation for elderly users at nursing homes, looking specifically at increasing motivation to exercise by augmenting the exercise activity with virtual environments, from both a technological- (immersion), content design- and perceptual perspective (presence and exertion perception).

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VR Rehabilitation: What, when and how.

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Welfare technologies focusing on VR for health and rehabilitation purposes, are becoming increasingly popular as technological development decreases cost, increases accessibility and improves the user experience. But what are these technologies, how do they work in their specific context, which holes are the attempting to fill, and what are the challenges related to properly implementing […]