Ray Noori

Looking In, Looking Out: Mixed Realities and Social Interactions

Ray is the CEO and Co-founder of Block Zero, a design and technology studio based in Malmö, Sweden. After a decade in various leadership roles within UX and technology companies such as TAT – The Astonishing Tribe and BlackBerry, he co-founded the design and technology studio Block Zero, working in such diverse fields as Smart Cities, E-Health and Fashion Tech. Ray is also an award-winning filmmaker, whose most recent feature film is the acclaimed The Philosopher King.

In art, technology, or design, it’s often the choices and directions we see as ‘weird’, as just against the norm, that are the ones which will open up new possibilities and potentially revolutionize entire disciplines. We will look at a few case studies from film, music, technology and design, where weird decisions challenged conventions and broke new ground, and have a discussion about how you can unleash the power of ‘thinking weird’.

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Looking In, Looking Out: Mixed Realities and Social Interactions

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The rapid emergence of AR and VR will affect many aspects of our lives, from how we communicate, to how we get entertained, how we work, even how we dream. But will the prominence of singular, immersive realities risk isolating individuals from eachother even more than the cyberspace does today? Will we sacrifice traditional intimacy […]