Martin Enthed

IKEA VR/AR/MR and meatballs

After having worked for 10 years at IKEA, Martin was recently been appointed Managing Director for the newly established IKEA Digital Lab, aiming at identifying, investigating and evaluating new technologies specified towards the needs of IKEA and its customers. My new responsibility is added on to my role as Development & Operation IT manager at IKEA Communications, the IKEA in house agency for communication.

Before joining IKEA, Martin worked over 20 years as an independent consultant, focusing design support. This entailed computerized support, including animation, to various design-undertakings, be it the car-industry, bio-medical research, jewellery, or home-furnishing design.

My Sessions

IKEA VR/AR/MR and meatballs

Keynote Room

In this session IKEA present the challenge of a retailer taking on the first steps into VR/AR and MR, taking the stance in the photographic CG renderings of indoor homes for catalog and web development done since 2005. We will share the progress, starting from the first stumbling steps with internal tests, some public and […]