Noah Falstein

Neurogaming in VR

Noah Falstein has been a professional game developer since 1980 (Sinistar, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Neuroracer), and was one of the first ten employees at LucasArts Entertainment, The 3DO Company, and Dreamworks Interactive. In 1996 he founded The Inspiracy, one of the world’s longest-running game design consultancies. He was the first elected Chairman of the IGDA and design columnist for Game Developer magazine for 6 years. Most recently Falstein was Google’s Chief Game Designer, and is currently consulting on VR, Neurogaming, and Interactive Storytelling.

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Neurogaming and VR

Keynote Room

Neuroscience and games have a marvelously complimentary relationship.  Understanding how the brain works can make games much more enjoyable and compelling.  And using the techniques of game design can make health applications much more accessible and compelling and therefore more effective.  This talk will focus on that latter relationship, and cover how the current cutting […]